TIMSET Ltd is a licensed Translation Agency in Sofia, Bulgaria.

At TIMSET Ltd we have been making high-quality specialized translations in 22 languages and have been legalizing documents issued by virtually all Bulgarian institutions ever since 2004.


We work with experienced translators who have made a name for themselves in the industry, but over the years we have helped develop many professional translators as well. Currently we work on regular basis with over 70 translators with vast experience and wide range of expertise in various different fields. All of our translators have signed declarations concerning the veracity of their translations as well as confidentiality agreements that guarantee the non-disclosure of any information contained in their translations.


Official Translation bear the signature of a certified translator who has signed a written statement to the effect that he is aware of the penalties he is liable to incur with regard to the veracity of the translation rendered by him. Official translations are printed on letterheaded stationery and bear the round seal of a translation company which is authorized to carry out official translations pursuant to a translation service contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


To be eligible for legalization, a document must bear the respective certifications and seals of Bulgarian or foreign authorities in compliance with the requirements of the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.


  • The quality management system integrates the requirements for provision of translation services complied with the European standard EN 15038:2006.
  • All processes within the company are regulated and mutually interrelated, fixed criteria and control methods are in place, the resources and information flows necessary for the efficient functioning of the processes are provided.